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سبعة و ثلاثين سيارة في رالي لبنان الدولي ...سبعة و ثلاثين سيارة في رالي لبنان الدولي الثامن و الثلاثين
فريق "تي،جي رالي سكيلز" يتحضر لرالي لبنا ...فريق "تي،جي رالي سكيلز" يتحضر لرالي لبنان
Rally of Lebanon - 38th EditionRally of Lebanon - 38th Edition
رالي لبنان الدولي الثامن والثلاثون فتح ...رالي لبنان الدولي الثامن والثلاثون فتح باب التسجيل الاثنين 22 حزيران2015
ROL “sport” …?

In its beginnings, an automobile racing event was a simple combination of general issue vehicles, a bouquet of combustive fuel, and topped with brave talented gentleman drivers. Even neckties were not a rarely garment to see.

After more than a century, racing cars are being built with avant-garde technology … engines, gearboxes, and differentials are manufactured with exotic materials. Tyres compounds are so diverse making the selection between them a tricky business.

Two interviews were broadcasted on CNNi last July. The first was with Prof John Eric Goff, a physicist from Lynchburg College, who claimed that science can help to predict the winner in the Tour de France by collecting the right statistics and upload the obtained info to the computer. The main variables include profile data for each stage, cyclists power output, aerodynamic data (tyre friction with the tarmac, tarmac condition, weather forecast) … etc.

The second was with a senior petroleum engineer from Shell concerning the evolution of racing fuel. The latter started out as a combustive chemical cocktail based on methanol, ethanol and nitro benzene in the 20s and 30s. Today, it has become a complex of 200 individual compounds that come from crude oil treated with some secret ingredients.

Manufacturers and racing teams have pushed their boundaries through the progress in physics, mechanics and other sciences. Motorsport technology has advanced in a way, that despite having several hundred horsepower less, the performance the WRC cars have caught up to the Group B monsters, and in most circumstances are now faster.

Even drivers are changing their lifestyles to adapt to the requirements of the sport.

Is it still a “sport” …?

This year, thirteen challenging special stages with slippery tarmac will once again feature the controversy between man and machine which defies all kinds of rallying definitions. Two special stages will be run nocturnally; “Toula” with a total length of 28.86kms and the other is the 21.40kms stage of “Ain Aaya”.

The 38th Rally of Lebanon will commence with a Ceremonial Start that will be held at 19:30hrs on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015, from the main venue in the ATCL – Kaslik, Jounieh. On Friday, September 4th, 2015, a 2.33kms “Head to Head” Super Special Stage will be held in Beirut Central District.

The event is planned with the distinctive concept of compact configuration. The 244kms of special stages, one Service Park positioned in Jounieh, two Remote Refuelling Zones located in Yarita and in Faytroun, and altitudes varying sea level to 1200 meters, makes the 38th Rally of Lebanon the most demanding event in the Middle East Rally Championship.

Yet, as others did before, you cannot but fall in love with it.

In the name of the Organizing Committee, I thank all those who backed us, be it physically or morally, our sponsors among many others as well as the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon.

To all who volunteered for the success of the event, I pay tribute and I say “THANK YOU”.

“WELCOME ALL”, I wish you a secure, safe and Rally! Go ahead push the envelope and enjoy the thrilling action.

Fady Y. Aoun
Organizing Committee – Chairman
38th Rally of Lebanon

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