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Bulletin I & Bulletin II are published ...Bulletin I & Bulletin II are published on the bulletin board
مؤتمر صحافي الاثنين 25 آب للاعلان عن را ...حدّد النادي اللبناني للسيارات والسياحة الساعة الواحدة من بعد ظهر الاثنين 25 آب الجاري موعداً لانعقاد المؤتمر الصحافي للاعلان رسمياً عن رالي لبنان الدولي ال37
رالي لبنان الدولي - النسخة 37رالي لبنان الدولي ال37 -النادي اللبناني للسيارات والسياحة في 28 و29 و30 و31 آب
FIA Middle East Rally Championship 2013 ...FIA Middle East Rally Championship 2013 - The fourth round Lebanon Championship Rally 2013 fourth round Lebanon International Rally XXXVI ( 5-8 September / September 2013 ) PRESS RELEASE - 1
بطولة الشرق الأوسط للراليات 2013 - الجول ...بطولة الشرق الأوسط للراليات 2013 - الجولة الرابعة بطولة لبنان للراليات 2013 ـ الجولة الرابعة رالي لبنان الدولي السادس والثلاثون (5-8 أيلول/ سبتمبر 2013) نشرة صحافية - 1

It is not an easy task for any organiser to prepare a setup to run any competition without targeting the fans of the sport in question. This is why multiple plans are put on the table to choose between.

Most of the sports events are performed in closed places, such as courts, stadiums, arenas, etc. …, with the fans of the contenders being seated, let alone rallying devotees who run from one place to another obsessed with their idols and the results that they achieve. For them, any event or activity must continue even if complications or difficulties might occur, because, as it has been said, quote: “it is a point of honour not to let the other players down by deserting them”, unquote.

Many drivers, of which some were champions, had abandoned rallying and “turned round the corner”, retired or passed away. However, we cannot but remember them.

Misfer Al-Marri, you will be missed at each podium, special stages Starts and Finish, at every jump, bend, and corner. The Rally of Lebanon will never be the same without you, but you are always in our hearts. Nevertheless, and as a tribute to you, the show must go on.

Farewell my friend …,.

This year, thirteen challenging special stages with slippery tarmac will once again feature the controversy between man and machine which defies all kinds of rallying definitions with one section of three special stages will be run nocturnally.

The 37th Rally of Lebanon will commence with a ceremonial start that will be held at 19:00hrs on Thursday August 28th 2014, at the Beirut Waterfront - Beirut; Lebanon. The 3.48kms TOTAL Super Special Stage will follow at 20:30hrs.

The event is planned with the distinctive concept of compact configuration. The 265.82kms of special stages, one Service Park positioned in Jounieh, two Remote Refuelling Zones located in Yarita and in Hammana, and altitudes varying sea level to 1836 meters, makes the 37th Rally of Lebanon the most demanding event in the Middle East Rally Championship.

Yet, as others did before, you cannot but fall in love with it.

In the name of the Organising Committee, I cannot but thank all those who backed us, be it physically or morally, our sponsors among many others as well as the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon.

To all who volunteered for the success of the event, I give credit, and I say “THANK YOU”..

“WELCOME ALL”, I wish you a secure, safe and Rally! Go ahead push the envelope and enjoy the thrilling action.

Fady Y. Aoun
Organising Committee – Chairman
37th Rally of Lebanon

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